Governance and Accountability

We believe that strong corporate governance is foundational for creating and sustaining long-term value for our stakeholders. 

Being a leader in government-sponsored healthcare means doing things the right way, every day. To ensure we are always at our best, we embrace a culture of accountability shaped and supported by ֦Ƶ’s , our Code of Conduct and a comprehensive system of policies and procedures. These elements encourage our employees to be responsible stewards of our mission to transform the communities we serve, one person at a time.

Over the last several years, our Board has taken important steps to enhance its governance practices, make meaningful Board refreshment changes, enhance shareholder rights and demonstrate our commitment to sustainability best practices. To further support governance and accountability, the Board delegates oversight to the following committees:

Audit and Compliance Committee

Governance Committee

Compensation and Talent Committee

Quality Committee

The Board of Directors has overall responsibility for the oversight of enterprise-wide risk management (ERM) at ֦Ƶ, while management is responsible for day-to-day risk management. The ERM group is responsible for facilitating the risk identification process, conducting quarterly and annual risk assessments and providing clear and timely direct reporting to executive leadership and the Board of Directors. Additionally, the ERM group annually performs a mix of quantitative and qualitative assessments of risk exposure in both normal and stressed environments for material risk categories, which include both financial and non-financial risks.

A Snapshot of our Directors

We have developed and implemented a values-based program of business ethics and conduct. Our commitment is supported by our , a Code of Conduct and a system of policies and procedures that enable our employees to operate efficiently within the organization’s culture of accountability.

In making its recommendations to our Board, the Governance Committee considers the qualifications of individual director candidates. Our Board also embraces and encourages a culture of inclusion and diversity. We believe diversity of backgrounds, viewpoints and experiences ensures different perspectives are heard and considered, and assists our Board in reaching the best decisions for our Company and the members we serve.

Driving Business Accountability — A Snapshot of Our 2024 Director Nominees

As of May 14, 2024

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