Since our founding as a single local health plan in 1984, ֦Ƶ’s mission to transform the health of the communities we serve, one person at a time, has been linked to providing better health outcomes at lower costs.

community meeting addressing health and social needs.

As the leading provider of health insurance to many lower income and medically complex populations, ֦Ƶ has a responsibility to use our data and experience to shape public policy efforts to make healthcare more accessible and easier to navigate for our members and communities. We serve people who experience barriers in accessing healthcare and we seek to ensure their unique perspectives and specific challenges are represented and considered within the health policy conversation.

֦Ƶ engages in public policy in a variety of ways starting with closely monitoring proposals and trends. We develop policy solutions informedby not only our experience and research, but also through collaboration with local partners and leading advocacy organizations. We engage indirect advocacy at the state and federal levels, often with other stakeholders, including our trade associations, to help build consensus for positive policy changes.

Permitted political contributions and memberships in trade associations play an important role in ֦Ƶ’s public policy engagement efforts. We are committed to acting with the highest standards of integrity, transparency and accountability and conduct our business affairs in accordance with the standards and rules of ethical business conduct and applicable laws. Learn more about our .

֦Ƶ’s Texas subsidiary, Superior HealthPlan, continues to set the standard for removing barriers and providing quality healthcare for youth in foster care.