Throughout ֦Ƶ’s four decades of delivering health services to underserved and low-income populations, we have never lost sight of the principles upon which our company was founded, including those that shape our focus on the quality of healthcare services provided to our members.

At ֦Ƶ, quality is everyone’s responsibility. This responsibility spans from our callcenter associates, care managers, clinical pharmacists, data analysts and providerengagement and health equity teams, to our pharmacy benefits managers and anyoneworking on claims, IT infrastructure or provider directories. Quality is foundationalto the work we do in partnership with providers, defining the value we bring to ourmembers and our government partners.

Key ClinicalInitiatives

Maternal Child Health

֦Ƶ is uniquely positioned to identify solutions that positively impact not only the general maternal population, but also birthing parents most adversely affected by poor outcomes, including those impacted by racial and ethnic inequities. ֦Ƶ’s Neonatal Center of Excellence leads best practices across health plans to enhance neonatal care. At a local level, care teams support members and address risk factors, including medical conditions and social drivers of health (SDOH) for those at high risk for having a baby born prematurely and/or critically ill.

Behavioral Health

Behavioral health plays a crucial role in improving overall health equity. The interconnection between physical and behavioral health is increasingly more evident, as are the barriers of stigma and access that surround behavioral healthcare strategies. To ensure our members receive the highest level of care, ֦Ƶ health plans have undertaken several behavioral health initiatives to provide members with reliable, substantive behavioral health resources.

Substance Use Disorder –Our integrated approach to substance use disorders (SUD) considers the interplay between various aspects of a person’s life that may contribute to their substance use, such as stress, trauma, social isolation or co-occurring physical and mental health conditions.

Suicide Prevention–֦Ƶ’s Choose Tomorrow™ suicide prevention program strengthens access to care, delivers evidence-based interventions and harnesses technology to predictively identify individuals who may be at risk of suicide.

Social Isolation–Western Sky Community Care in New Mexico partners with Pyx Health, a behavioral health app focused on loneliness and connection. The Pyx Health app screens members for risk of social isolation and connects them to a Pyx Health Specialist.

Commitment to Quality and Improved Health Outcomes

֦Ƶ’s Annual DEI Summit connects leaders from across the company to learn more about business priorities and seek ways to further DEI and health equity within their respective organizations. The summit offers resources to further their strategic engagement with advancing a diverse, inclusive and equitable workplace and workforce that remains committed to ensuring access to high-quality, culturally competent healthcare.

At ֦Ƶ, we believe everyone deserves access to affordable, quality healthcare. Learn more about how our subsidiary, Buckeye Health Plan partnered with Ohio University to support two programs to expand access to healthcare and increase the knowledge base for those administering care in rural areas of Ohio.