Healthcare Innovation and Thought Leadership

As a healthcare leader, ֦Ƶ is committed to improving the health of our communities through research, education, technology and a uniquely local approach in each of our markets. We use strategic partnerships to build innovative capabilities, empower our provider network and design solutions for our members.

Realizing Real-World Change with the ֦Ƶ Center for Health Transformation™

The ֦Ƶ Center for Health Transformation (CCHT) is an industry-academic partnership where pressing issues in healthcare inspire creative solutions tested by world-leading experts. We strive not only to apply our findings to ֦Ƶ’s member- and provider-focused programs, but also to disseminate this knowledge to others in the industry. In 2023, CCHT supported 13 collaborative studies across important areas like vaccination, medication adherence and behavioral health.

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At CCHT, pressing issues in healthcare inspire creative solutions that are rooted in evidence. We work with industry and academic experts to design, implement and evaluate interventions with the potential to improve quality, access, outcomes and experience of care. CCHT provides comprehensive support to teams across the enterprise seeking to design rigorous and high-potential programs. Our work spans topics from prevention and wellness to health equity, and uses applied learnings from behavioral science, implementation science and public health. We are excited to continue to push the boundaries of our work to ensure that ֦Ƶ remains poised to answer the next big questions in healthcare intentionally, efficiently and effectively.

Using Technology to Improve Health Outcomes  

At ֦Ƶ, we are investing in applying artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) technologies to improve the health of our members and contain rising healthcare costs. We recognize the need to use these powerful AI/ML models carefully and responsibly to turn data into knowledge, help address member needs and save lives. In addition to its predictive uses for our Choose Tomorrow suicide prevention and HALO substance use disorder programs, AI/ML is built into the following innovative, care-focused initiatives at ֦Ƶ:

  • Start Smart for your Baby® — AI models assist in predicting both low birth weight deliveries and maternal complications.

  • Readmission Reduction Program — AI modeling assigns a probability of having a potentially preventable readmission within 30 days of discharge to each member currently in an acute inpatient facility.

  • Neighborhood, Economic and Social Traits (NEST) — Machine learning technologies are used as a supplement to member, provider and partner data to help care managers identify those members who are most at risk of adverse health outcomes influenced by social drivers of health.

The Next Generation of Healthcare Technology

Over time, we have employed an investment strategy to acquire and implement the best systems, products, tools, technology and partnerships to increase our capability for collecting and analyzing data. This commitment allows us to focus on personalized healthcare and better outcomes for our members and communities. We are creating a world-class experience for stakeholders, including members, providers and investors.

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